Married        03 Mar 1778     Halkirk/Watten  M110372  Submitted
    Elizabeth    22 Dec 1778  C  Halkirk  C110372  Parish
    William      29 Mar 1784  C  Halkirk  C110374  Parish
    Helen        30 Dec 1786  C  Halkirk  C110374  Parish
    George       22 Mar 1789  C  Halkirk  C110372  Parish
    Christian    04 Mar 1790  C  Halkirk  C110374  Parish
    Alexander    21 Nov 1791  C  Halkirk  C110374  Parish
    William      08 Sep 1796  C  Halkirk  C110374  Parish

Note that there are two 'William's.  I would expect that the first William 
died as an infant and they then reused the name.  

The baptism records for the 7 children above were taken from the Halkirk 
Parish church even though the baptisms actually took place in Lybster.  I only 
found three on the microfilm tape but I'm sure the others are probably there 
as well.  If you look at the page images, you can see how difficult they are 
to read.

The year of George Douglas' birth in the LDS IGI is listed as 1777; however, 
this may be incorrect.  The year 1789 would be a better choice.  Refer to the 
discussion relating to the microfilm tape.

Names in IGI vary in spelling:
  Isobel Isobell Isabel Isabell
  Douglas Douglass