1852 Census -                  [This census was scheduled to take place 
  Province Ontario              in 1851 but was delayed until 1852.]
  Northumberland County
  Percy Township

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For the Douglases of Percy Township, you will find them on these pages:
04A/B #20 Donald Douglas
07A/B #28 Alex Douglas
17A/B #39 John Douglas (wrong one)
22A/B #46 John Douglas (right one)
      #49 Wm Douglas

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20 Donald Douglas       Yeoman  Scotland        FCS             37  M
21 Elizabeth Douglas            Scotland                        31  F
22 Geo Douglas                  Canada                           5  M
23 Isabella Douglas             Canada                           3  F
24 John H Douglas               Canada                           1  M
25 Ann McFarlane                Canada          Methodist       18  F
26 Geo Douglas          Mason   Scotland        FCS             73  M
27 Jennet Douglas               Scotland                        60  F

20 M  Log Home, 1 story, 1 family

28 Alex Douglas    Shoe Maker   Scotland        FCS             29  M
29 Margaret Douglas             Scotland        FCS             31  F
30 Elizabeth Douglas            Canada          FCS              2  F

28 M  Frame Home, 1.5 story, 1 family

[The wrong John Douglas]
39 John Douglas      Yeoman     Scotland       PFC              53  M
40 Mary Douglas                 Scotland                        50  F
41 Elizabeth Douglas            Scotland                        15  F
42 Mary Douglas                 Scotland                        13  F
43 Margaret Douglas             Scotland                        10  F
44 Harriet Douglas              Scotland                        10  F

39 M  Brick Home, 1.5 story, 1 family

[The right John Douglas]
46 John Douglas   Blacksmith    Scotland        FCS             36  M
47 Mary Douglas                 Ireland         Ch of Eng       23  F
48 Jane C Douglas               Canada          FCS              2  F
49 Wm Douglas     Blacksmith    Scotland        FCS             16  M

46 M  Brick Home, 1.5 story, 1 family; Brick Blacksmith Shop, 20x28 ft